Synchronised services

Working in partnership with school leaders, our tailored service delivers two distinct benefits:

Bringing clarity to the complex.

Our team of advisers work with you to empower professionals, unlocking and renewing talent across your school. From reliable recruitment initiatives to top-up training for teachers, our experts have a deep understanding of how schools operate and are as friendly as they are flexible in approach. We are as adept at advising on the latest governance process and protocols, as we are supporting key staff members at work after illness. 

In fact, we hope you’ll come to regard us as part of your in-house team.


Creating outstanding school environments.

We are driven by ensuring every child receives the best education possible. That begins with empowering professionals – formed from a genuine collaboration between schools and our people-focused experts.

Giving school leaders the confidence that every person is being developed to the best of their ability and every process and procedure has been put in place to support optimal learning.

Expertly tailored to your school’s needs


  • Human Resources
  • Governor Services
  • Occupational Health Service
  • Wandsworth City Learning Centre

The thinking behind
Empowering Professionals

The thinking behind Empowering Professional

Designed to help educators:

Take back time

Gain greater control

Support development

Galvanise staff

Explore, learn & develop

Designed to help educators:

Take back

Gain greater control

Support development

Galvanise staff

Explore, learn
& develop

We’re passionate about supporting schools

School leaders are at their most effective when they have confidence in the fact that every person is performing to their best ability. We get it. That’s why we’re passionate about working with schools to support the whole school team.

  • Dedicated, high-touch Account Managers
  • Personal advisers providing comprehensive insight
  • Access to a broad network of expertise
  • Support in meetings
  • Training to address upskilling needs
  • The latest policy and procedures updates
  • Decision making support
  • Wholly backed and supported by the Local Authority

We’re passionate about supporting schools

In our experience, learning is at its most effective when there is access to the broadest variety of experiences within a school environment. That’s why we’re passionate about working with schools to improve their access to learning services.

  • Dedicated, high-touch Account Managers
  • Educational experts with compelling insight
  • Support in classroom and school wide initiatives
  • Access to a broad network of resources
  • The latest policy and best practise updates
  • Wholly backed and supported by the Local Authority

Here to help

Get to know the people behind our proposition. Meet some of the smart, passionate professionals who are driven by making schools run more effectively.

“I get much satisfaction knowing the resources we provide to schools help teachers champion the curriculum and enhance children’s learning. Learning Resource Service is the extended service to the classroom. We use our expertise to compile bespoke boxes containing a treasure trove of resource items. I take pride in our ever-growing resource bank covering a vast array of topics.”

I love discovering new ways to support our governor volunteers and team of professional clerks. I promote high quality governance that effectively supports and challenges school leadership and ensuring that governing bodies are meeting their statutory duties, Ofsted expectations and fulfilling their key strategic functions. Seeing the positive impact that Governance has on pupils, staff and the local community is extremely rewarding.

Diana Stovell
“I’m very passionate about providing a service for staff which supports the health and wellbeing of individuals.  My team and I have a wealth of experience and our proactive approach gives clients the tools they need to manage their health better and to remain in work, which is very rewarding.”

Creative, logical, kind: my teacher said it, so it must be true. Schools shape lives and open up opportunities.  My passion has always been about equality in learning and development.  Identifying those who need more or different help.  Children are not numbers, but I want to help  make sure that every child counts.”

Working in Emergency Planning brings a new challenge to overcome every day, or a new incident to respond to. I’m passionate about supporting schools in developing their understanding of and resilience to incidents and emergencies. My team and I have plenty of experience and ideas to help schools plan effectively to minimise disruption.

“I feel extremely proud to be working with a group of seasoned health and safety professionals who have over 20 years’ experience, making work and teaching environments safer for staff and others. To be able to support, educate and empower colleagues to improve their own workplace, address problems and prevent serious harm or legal implications is very rewarding.”

“Young people having inspiring and skilled teachers, is what drives me in my role as I support teachers new to the  most rewarding, and challenging of professions. I’m determined to ensure that all newly qualified teachers, and the schools they are mentored by, receive excellent support and guidance, so they can become confident and effective teachers.”
Theodora Theodoratou
“It is my honour to represent the Schools and Community Psychology Service as the interim Principle Educational Psychologist. My daily inspiration comes from the incredibly resilient team that continuously strives to apply quality psychology and serve our community. We are strong believers in individuals’ inherent strength and resilience as well as in our community’s capacity to change. I am proud of our work in becoming an anti-racist team and how it reflects our belief that change in others can only happen when we model change ourselves.”

I believe children must be at the heart of everything services do – no question, no compromises. This principle has been with me from my early days directly supporting disaffected youth in the community and then working with pupils at risk of exclusion in schools. Listening to what families have to say, and involving them every step of the way, is key to our shared success.

I’ve been described as technically creative, and I take pride in making analysis visually engaging. I’m also passionate about using technology to free up staff to focus on front-line services. While we analyse data on thousands of children, it’s most satisfying when we hear our analysis has helped an individual to make great progress.

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