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Investing in Futures

Improving the size and scope of the Financial Management Service, the team have been working with the council’s adult learning department Wandsworth Lifelong Learning.

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Embrace Difference

Wandsworth Learning Resources Service works year-round in partnership with schools to help shape learning across the curriculum.

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At Your Core – School Values

Do your school values burn brightly from your core, clearly defining what you stand for, how you behave and where you sit in the community? Do they tell the world what makes your school brilliantly different? Tailor them to your unique story, make them real, live them, and they will.

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Francis Gerard: The Global Storyteller

Author, film maker, museum creator and raconteur Francis Gerard has definitely lived an “adventurous life”. Here he shares his love of books, Chinese culture, the San bushmen of South Africa and sci-fi. Interview by Nicola Baird.

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Wanda Gajewski: What price progress?

Human history is full of inventions. It starts back from the Dark Age, where humans first learned how to make fire and then they started to build tools to make their daily tasks easier such as hunting. This pack will spark a discussion in the classroom and encourage your pupils to talk about ‘The greatest inventions that have changed our lives’ and also inspire children to talk about any other items that the inventors may have missed!

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St Mary’s Primary School: Shelf Life

When Year 6s from St Mary’s Primary school asked for a library where they could relax and enjoy books, Deputy Head Amanda Bishop sought advice from Wandsworth Learning Resources Service. Amanda and librarian J Lythgoe meet to discuss the project.

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Susan Morgan-Jones: the FAB Book Award is back!! 

March 2022 saw the welcome return of the successful Wandsworth Fabulous Book Award. An event organised each year by Wandsworth School Librarians, with pupils from different secondary schools voting for their favourite book from a shortlist and culminating in an award ceremony at the Wandsworth Professional Development Centre (WPDC).

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 Wanda Gajewski: Click With Care

This fantastic pack features all the resources which you could need to raise the awareness among KS2 pupils about online risks, safety and behaviour. It will provide interesting topics for discussions about being online and e-safety.

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