About Smart School Services

Our purpose is to bring clarity to the complex and create outstanding school environments. 

We build partnerships with schools to ensure every child receives the best education possible.

Wholly backed by Wandsworth Borough Council, our network of expertise has been built using local delivery experience gained from working alongside schools just like yours.

We use that knowledge to partner directly with school leaders – giving you the confidence, creativity and capacity to be your best and deliver the vision that you want for your school.

Wandsworth based

London focused

With specialist expertise extending across the UK

Tailored, integrated solutions

Built around your school’s needs, our services are broken down into three key areas:

Brilliant Learning Environments

Working collaboratively with schools, our mission is to be a catalyst for learning by providing teachers and schools with access to best in class ideas, research and resources.

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Empowering Professionals

Giving school leaders the confidence that every person is being developed to the best of their ability and every process and procedure has been put in place to support optimal learning.

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Intelligent Operations

Our adept handling of systems, management and contracts promotes genuine partnerships with outstanding suppliers, while freeing school leaders to spend more time focusing on school life.

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Smart Resources

The Heart of the Matter

The importance of nurturing core values in a school community

Let’s unlock the transformative potential of differentiated school core values.

As Wandsworth continues to evolve in a rapidly changing capital, the role of core values within its schools becomes increasingly important. Differentiated and tailored core values serve as the bedrock – not just articulating the moral and academic expectations for everyone in the school community – they lay the foundation for nurturing well-rounded young minds that can navigate their world with integrity, empathy and purpose.


Smart space, for smart schools

Wandsworth Professional Development Centre (WPDC) is the smart, off-site choice for teacher and staff development events and meetings.


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Best in class

Helpful ideas and insights designed to help you make the most of your services

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