Brilliant Learning

A Space for Curiosity

Let’s reshape the physical, social, and emotional conditions that support study.

Responding to the changes that Covid-19 has wrought on learning requires building on what we know works, as well as looking ahead to what we know students will need.

Although it may seem overwhelming, the time to start reimagining the future of education is now.

Learning is not limited to the classroom, and its complex, multi-faceted delivery shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of any one individual. We believe brilliant learning environments are created through collaboration and a comprehensive, whole school approach. 

A Space for Curiousity

Spaces that support a school’s reading culture allow learning to flourish. According to the OECD, “Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.”

Ideally, the future for all schools should include an expansive library boasting the latest ICT resources, stocked with a diverse set of books from a wide variety of types and genres; coordinated by a dedicated librarian. But that simply doesn’t reflect reality. 40% of primary schools have no budget for a school library. Where libraries do exist, competition for funding means they are often under-resourced with inadequate stock and no librarian or staff members to oversee them. 

How can we close the gap and address the inequality of provision? The answer lies in working together. Supporting schools to manage their resources strategically, utilise their space intelligently and maximise independent learning opportunities. By acknowledging the role a physical space – library, reading corner or study area – plays in teaching children to be readers, we can build best-in-class provision within the parameters of what is possible.

Beyond Books

Meeting the needs of an ever-diversifying curriculum is not easy. Working hand in hand with teachers, librarians from Smart School’s Learning Resources Service research, suggest, and select books, artefacts, equipment, and DVDs from their vast library. Library staff will compile items according to your specific request. All delivered in a ready-to-go resource box. 

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