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Wandsworth Learning Resources Service works year-round in partnership with schools to help shape learning across the curriculum.

Too often the service hears that schools are tied up with time consuming web searches and hours spent hunting for resources. Much more than a subscription, what schools say they benefit from the most is the access to a librarian’s mind. 

The benefit of a librarian run service is their ability to navigate over 120,000 items available. From picture books that challenge gender stereotypes to Asian characters in children’s fiction, a librarian’s mind will help pupils explore our world from new perspectives. And it’s much more than books – the service provides schools with artifacts which allow pupils to explore topics like history hands on.


“It’s really important to belong to a service like the Wandsworth Learning Resources Service because class books are so expensive now. We really believe every child should be reading from their own copy. The librarians will send me a selection. I’ll take what I like and send the rest back. That’s really important, and it’s so easy. All you need to know is what you want to teach and ask their advice, and they’ll send it out to you. Every item comes with some notes on it, so you’re not left fumbling thinking, “What is that?” Every item comes with some background knowledge, so it’s really easy for everyone to use. 

As a professional, there’s no doubt that having the Learning Resources Service available to us is a great help. With our teaching hours already absolutely at the limit, we are not having to scurry around trying to find artifacts and books and class sets, which our budget wouldn’t necessarily allow us to do.

Jane Bunn, Literacy Lead, Ronal Ross Primary School

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