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Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

Let’s reshape the physical, social, and emotional conditions that support study.

Responding to the changes that Covid-19 has wrought on learning requires building on what we know works, as well as looking ahead to what we know students will need.

Although it may seem overwhelming, the time to start reimagining the future of education is now.

Learning is not limited to the classroom, and its complex, multi-faceted delivery shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of any one individual. We believe brilliant learning environments are created through collaboration and a comprehensive, whole school approach. 

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

The problem of child and adolescent mental health is large, complex and growing. Over one in three young people (34%) said that their mental health has got much worse during the pandemic. As the fallout from the pandemic unfolds, we need to be ambitious if we want young people to live happy, healthy lives. 

The challenges young people face are hugely varied – from stress and anxiety about exams to incredibly serious and debilitating long-term conditions. Schools are already working hard to support their pupils’ mental health. 

The future lies in supporting schools to develop whole school approaches to promoting resilience and improving emotional wellbeing, preventing mental health problems from arising and providing early support where they do. Evidence shows that interventions taking a whole school approach to wellbeing have a positive impact in relation to both physical health and mental wellbeing outcomes. In addition, providing mental health awareness training for school staff has significant positive effects on their confidence, mental health literacy, and behaviour in supporting pupils. 

Community Led Recovery

School leadership teams do not have to feel alone or lost in their efforts to help pupils, families and staff regain their strength. Successful community recovery comes from the vision, dreams, hopes and challenges of community themselves. 

Smart School’s Psychology Service are providing support on various initiatives including Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH), SEMH audit and Reflective Space for teachers.


Data Deep Dive

Smart School’s Research & Evaluation Unit have access to a wealth of data, from national research to contextual analysis of internal assessment and testing within schools. One of the key challenges for School Leaders is understanding the nuances, which is why the REU team offer data surgeries – a 1-1 session to discuss data management or analysis questions.


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