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Diana Stovell: Money Worries 

If your school is buying into the Employee Assistance Programme you can talk to an expert in relation to money worries, debt advice etc.

Inflation is high – so mortgage interest rates and rents are rising, along with food and utility costs. Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you worrying about how to manage your finances?

If your school is buying into the Employee Assistance Programme you can talk to an expert in relation to money worries, debt advice etc. The online portal can also direct you to ‘Ask Bill’ for free and impartial help, advice and tips on how to reduce your energy bills, manage your money and deal with debt issues, as well as support for tackling these problems in emergency situations.

Ask your Business Manager if your school accesses the EAP and if so, what the details are for the online portal as your first stop and telephone helpline if you need further assistance.

There are also some helpful websites offering guidance:

Money Helper

Citizens Advice

Money and Mental Health

Universal Credit and Other Financial Support

Early Intervention is important so take action now to try and keep your finances on track.

If money pressures are affecting your mental health i.e. increased anxiety, low mood etc – try talking to someone. You can look at what your local MIND offer and/ or talk to your GP.

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