Empowering Professionals

Smart Money, Smart Working: Empowering Professionals

Implementing cost-effective strategies to attract and retain teaching talent.

For learning to thrive, the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. As the UK’s best-performing schools will testify, they are only as good as the teachers in their classrooms.

With inflation currently around 10% and most teachers likely to experience real-terms salary cuts this year, attracting and retaining excellent educators is challenging.

To stop talent turning their back on the profession for the private sector, we need to add value to our offer. A loyal, highly trained and incentivised staffroom will not only reduce recruitment costs, it delivers stability for students and staff while creating happy, knowledgeable and productive learning environments. 

Purchasing Power

A well-established Employee Benefits programme is a powerful way to add value to your recruitment package. 

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, offering discounts on everyday items at high street retailers and supermarkets is an appealing benefit. Add wellness centre discounts and the ability to spread the cost of larger purchases over 12 months to the list, and schools can now offer an attractive differentiator to prospective and existing staff members.

  • Smart School Employee Benefits Service was launched in 2022 in response to feedback from schools
  • A small sum per member of staff gives unfettered access to all of the programme’s growing number of benefits

It Pays To Be Compliant 

With the Department for Education placing much emphasis on the need for school boards to employ professional clerks, some schools are still deputising their heads’ PAs to take minutes during important meetings to save costs. 

Professional clerks ensure accurate records of meetings are kept and offer timely, impartial advice on correct governance process and procedures. Smart School Governor Services provides professional clerks, who are trained and kept abreast of clerking requirements and legislation at affordable rates. 

  • A professional clerk will be assigned and dedicated to your school who will support you with agenda setting; minute taking that reflects best practice and considers the requirements of Ofsted and audit; provide model policy review schedules and annual work plans; and have the ability and knowledge to provide guidance during meetings

Sick Notes Suck Resources

Teachers have spent at least 1.5 million days off work owing to stress and mental health issues, new figures have revealed, amid continued concerns over the post-pandemic pressures they are facing in the classroom. This figure is up by almost a fifth compared to three years ago.

Having the right support systems in place is crucial to combatting teacher burnout and subsequent health issues. 

The Smart School Occupational Health Service is able to support school staff through sickness absence. The unit offers advice on all aspects of health and well-being. With a pro-active approach, the overarching aim of the service is to support an individual to remain at work.

Offering expert advice and support about ill-health problems helps school staff to self-manage their issues, which in turn leads to an earlier and more effective return to work, improves attendance and boosts performance.

Thank you very much for your email and advice – it’s much appreciated as always, helping me to manage sickness absence. 

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