Intelligent Operations

A Head for Business

Smart processes and procedures that make school life run smoother.

There has never been a time in recent memory where so many critical decisions around school operations have had to be made with such short notice. 

Now is the time to take stock and breathe. But it is also the time to evaluate and embrace new, smarter ways of doing things.

That begins with designing intelligent operations that seamlessly handle systems, management and contracts – creating genuine partnerships between schools and outstanding suppliers, while freeing school leaders to spend more time focusing on school life.

A Head for Business 

How do you manage a school through a pandemic? The extra burden of responsibility and risk that comes with Covid: making decisions about safety; bereavements; weekly new school policy announcements from the government; e-learning; providing support, reassurance and answers to staff, students and parents. Now add to that, the usual tasks associated with running a school. 

Headteachers have been under an enormous amount of pressure. Reacting to an acute problem has meant that portions of their structured planning and spend have had to be reassigned to ‘fight fires’. In some instances, this has led to a budget deficit with the unpleasant choices and cuts that inevitably come with it. 

The need for business model innovation is increasingly evident as expenditure comes under increased pressure. Effectively addressing the financial management needed to meet the needs of facilities, payroll, health and safety and emergency planning is key to each school’s future financial health. There is a growing recognition that education is not just a public service, it’s a business. If we get it right, schools can alleviate pressure on key staff while still providing the best possible education. And that makes sound business sense.

Tailored Reports for Governors

Smart School’s Financial Management Service brings the expertise of financial advisers into the heart of every school. One of top requested elements of their service is producing financial reports for governors tailored to their needs. It’s a time efficient service that is able to crunch data and present it in a format that answers the questions governors are asking, allowing Senior Management to focus on the narrative.


Business Continuity Plan

The pandemic has brought the role of Smart School’s Emergency Planning Service into the spotlight, highlighting how the decisions we make to mitigate impacts are increasingly reviewed and critiqued. Combined with Smart School’s Health & Safety service, a Business Continuity Plan mitigates risks identified and gives Senior Management confidence in their ability to respond to an incident in a formal, planned and tested way. More than complying with regulatory standards, a well-developed plan builds trust with parents and governors. 


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