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Murat Boyayanlar: Is your school meeting its FM PPM & statutory compliance requirements?

Key points that should be taken into consideration to ensure that your facilities are regularly maintained and remain statutorily compliant.

What is PPM? 

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is regular and routinely performed maintenance on physical assets, to reduce the chances of potentially serious and expensive equipment failure and unplanned equipment downtime. 

It is to manage and extend the lifecycle of equipment, but is also a compliance requirement to satisfy statutory and legal obligations. The work should be scheduled in advance and can range from weekly to annually, depending on equipment and risk.

Failure to deliver compliance can result in service delivery failures, which whilst not as severe as legal failures, it can impact on the operation of your facilities, your core business and cause reputational damage.

Why is preventive maintenance important?

It is important because it keeps equipment and assets running efficiently, and it maintains a high safety level, which helps to avoid large and costly repairs, as well as service downtime. 

A properly functioning preventive maintenance program ensures operational disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Specific examples of preventive maintenance include regular inspections of your heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems (HVAC) ensuring they are properly cleaned and repaired and that your water hygiene and electrical systems are also functioning within safety and compliance levels.

How can Facilities Management help?

We can provide the relevant PPM services through our experienced contractors that will deliver a professional planned maintenance function across your school portfolio.

Here are just a few examples of PPM services available to you through Facilities Management:

  • Boiler servicing
  • Lift servicing & repairs 
  • Electrical Fixed Wire Testing
  • Mansafe systems
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Water Hygiene inspections
  • Flushing of infrequent used Water
  • Water Temp. monitoring
  • Fire Detection & alarm servicing 
  • Fire Extinguisher servicing 
  • PAT Testing services
  • Commercial Kitchen equipment servicing
  • Air Con Servicing

Facilities Management (FM) are now offering our services for your Planned Maintenance 2022/2023 Compliance requirements.  To order and buy into this service, you can order or request a quote, before the end of March 2022, via the Smart School services portal.

If your school chooses not to use the Council FM service, you are still required to upload your certification documents to the councils Concerto CAFM system.

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